DURANT, Okla. (KTEN) — Southeastern Oklahoma State University's Savage Storm female student athletes will soon be trading in their uniforms for business clothes.

"We want to inspire them, and give them really good advice on what they should do post-college, and how they can advance in their career," said Rachel Scroggins, an executive with Tony Fay PR.

And in honor of Women's History Month, the Choctaw Nation partnered with SOSU for the first-ever  Women's Leadership Clinic.

"It's about development, and this is a part of their development," said Southeastern Athletic Director Keith Baxter. "It's just a small step, and the first step of many that will come in their lives to be what they want to be."

The event aimed to give female athletes an opportunity to learn from women in the workforce.

"I hope that they are inspired that life after college is exciting," said Scroggins.

Students got the opportunity to learn from female executives with the Dallas Stars, Dallas public relations firms, and the Choctaw Nation.

"I hope to learn how to take what I've experienced and take all of my knowledge that I know and put it into the work," said Samantha Walic, an SOSU track and field senior. 

The goal: To help these women transition from something that's been a part of their lives for so long.

"This sport has been my life for 15 years," Walic said. "Like it's all I've really known, so it's scary going out into something I've never known before."