MADILL, Okla. (KTEN) -- Around 150 homes in Madill woke up with no water on Tuesday morning, after a break in a main water line on Oak Hollow Road.

The city of Madill started receiving calls of low water pressure on the southwest side of town around 1:00 a.m. Tuesday.

"Our water department had low water pressure.” Explained Fire Chief Mike Idleman. He was one of the first people to find the break. “They can tell when a line breaks like this. Usually, when something like this happens, we have to locate it.”

The line was reportedly on top of a rock, which unexpectedly shifted, causing the break.

Our ground shifts a lot down here, and usually, with a rock being in your line, it's not too much of a concern.” Said line worker Chayton Gambel. “With how much it shifts around here, rocks are a real common problem for us.

Once the break was found, city workers were able to contain the break in a matter of hours.

The Madill Street and Water departments, along with the Parks and Cemetery department were all on the scene of the break. "We like to work together a lot.” Said Gambel. “It makes everything run a lot smoother if we're all helping each other on projects."

"It was a joint effort between us. Stated Idleman. “We all kind of got out here and worked together, found the problem, and they got it done."

The city is planning to go in and remove the rock under the pipe by the end of the spring.