GAINESVILLE, Texas (KTEN) — Families in a Gainesville neighborhood say they are concerned about their safety after a suspicious woman was caught on camera taking pictures of their windows, electric breaker boxes, and even the inside of someone's home through a glass door.

Neighbors describe the March 22 activity as unnerving, leaving one to upgrade their front door with barricades and another sleeping with a gun under her bed to feel safe at night.

We spoke with Sara Crary, who lives in the Bonner Hill area, about what she thinks this woman could be up to.

This unidentified woman approached homes in a Gainesville neighborhood on March 22 and started taking photos.


"I can't understand why someone would lean in and take their camera and take pictures of my window inside my house, unless you're ... documenting that it's an easy access," Crary said. "Because if you punch the window and you reach around the corner, you let yourself in." 

Crary said after she reported the incident to police, officers told her that they would start patrolling the neighborhood, but she hasn't seen them since.

The Gainesville Police Department declined to comment.