MADILL, Okla. (KTEN) -- First responders were dispatched to Highway 177 north of Madill when a truck crashed Thursday morning.

"The initial call that came in was reported of a semi-truck that had rolled over with hazardous material on it." Stated Madill Fire Chief Mike Idleman. Idleman and his crew were some of the first on scene.

When they arrived, Idleman's team found the truck in a ditch on the right side of the north lanes, on its side, with oil spilling out onto the road. The truck reportedly ran off the road, and through electric poles, knocking out power to over 1500 OG&E customers.

"We're pretty close to a water source, little glasses creek.” Said Idleman. “It's one of the main creeks that flows into Lake Texoma, which is what we were concerned about."

The driver of the truck was transported to a Denton hospital via helicopter.

"The gentleman was about 58 years old, when he left here, he didn't seem to have life threatening injuries.” Said Idleman. “He does got quite a few broken bones in his face, he's got some broken ribs, a broken leg and an ankle that's broken."

OG&E workers were on scene restoring power to homes and businesses around town. In a statement, OG&E Senior Communications Specialist Carson Cunningham said, “The clean-up effort was extensive and prevented our team's restoration efforts for several hours. OG&E crews worked quickly, and all customers were restored by mid-afternoon.”

"everybody did an excellent job.” Stated Idleman. “Everybody had quick responses, was here fast, I think that saved a lot more headache down the road."