CARTER COUNTY, Okla. (KTEN) — Dogwood Blooms is located just outside of Ardmore city limits. Here, customers can wonder along rows of beautiful flowers, and pick bouquets just in time for spring.

The idea for this "you pick" flower farm, came from 2023 Dickson alum Barrett Allen. Allen is currently a freshman at Oklahoma state university, studying horticulture.

"I want to get into ag tourism because of how farms make more money, and it doesn't take much more time." Said Dogwood Blooms owner Barrett Allen. "If there's a box, I want to be on the outside, I don't want to be inside a box."

With the help of his parents, Allen has turned his idea, into his own small business.

"Our first question was, how are you going to manage that while you're in school, and what is our role as far as parents, how are we going to do it." Said Alyssa Allen. Alyssa is helping Barrett run Dogwood Blooms as a co-owner.

To make his business work, Allen comes home from Stillwater each weekend, to tend to his field, and to his customers.

"I think Barrett has done well with the general public and having to learn to hone his customer service skills, and I think our business has done well considering we're a first year."

After a successful first year of business, Dogwood Blooms is planning to add new crops throughout the spring and summer, and years into the future.

"We hope that this becomes a tradition for people, like oh we look forward to going and picking tulips or we want to go pick sunflowers."

"I'm looking to do this for a long time as kind of my spring job"