(KTEN) - The State of the Union is usually held in January or February. 

"I want the country to succeed," Congressman Pat Fallon said. 

This year's address is the latest in history since the first one given out by President George Washington in 1790. 

Congressman Pat Fallon hopes the president will address a topic closely tied to the Lone Star State.

"What he should do if I could write his speech for him would start with, I'm taking executive action tonight and I'm going to reinstate the wait in Mexico policy where anyone that wants to enter the country and claim asylum will wait in Mexico while their asylum case is adjudicated," Congressman Fallon said. 

According to Fallon, putting America first means tackling the debt trailing the United States.

"I want him to talk about spending the greatest national security threat we have is our deficit, is our 34 trillion-dollar debt and how he's going to rain in spending and make the government more efficient for the taxpayer."

Thursday's address will be the first for Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. 

"He has my full and unadulterated support. I think he's a very talented leader and he's the person to lead us into the future," Congressman Fallon said. 

One Texoman hopes the address will ignite change within the country.

"We have gotten into so many things that we have went into half-heartedly and I hate for America to do things like that because we have always been winners and you don't go into anything not planning to win," Lewellen Haun said.