BRYAN COUNTY, Okla. (KTEN) — A family camping trip filled with history and fun turned to tragedy when a two-year-old boy went missing in Bryan County more than 43 years ago.

Larry Dewayne Krebbs is the longest-standing cold case in the Bryan County. He went missing on May 30, 1980.

"It's not okay for that person to be forgotten," said Amanda Newland Davis, the founder of Oklahoma Cold Cases. "He deserves an ending to his story"

Family members say Larry Krebbs went by his middle name, Dewayne.

He had strawberry blonde hair, was 2'-4" tall, and weighed about 35 pounds.

"They were people, you know; they were people with whole lives," Davis said. "Even if they were only two, they're a person with a personality."

Dewayne and his family had been camping at the the Fort Washita Recreation Area near Lake Texoma. He was walking along the Cumberland Cut with his dad, Larry Sr., trailing a few feet behind.

When Larry turned around, his son was gone.

Authorities believed Dewayne drowned, with reports of water levels at 6 feet and heavy currents.

But Larry Sr. said he never heard any screams or splashing. He believes Dewayne was abducted.

Police never found any evidence of abduction or drowning following an extensive search of the Lake Texoma region.

Few leads have come to light over the past four decades, but investigators continue to ask for the public's help.

"They were a person just like you are... a person just like your parents are. People... your kids are people," Davis said.

Age progression images are made, and cold cases are reopened, in hopes of finding answers.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Larry Dewayne Krebbs, contact the Bryan County Sheriff's Department.