TURNER, Oklahoma (KTEN)- Goal number one on Turner's list from this past summer: grow together as a family. And for two of its players, they already had a head start.

"We butt heads at times, but we love each other and we push each other to our best abilities," senior guard Adison Lee said. "It's been so fun getting to play with her my last year."

Adison and her sophomore sister Adlin have been two of turner's top players on the court this year.

"I've had them since junior high and they work real well together," Turner head coach Bruce Keatts said. "They just play off each other."

A year ago, Adison missed the season with a torn ACL. That makes this year mean that much more for the sisters and their family.

"I always have someone to look up to," Adlin said. "All my life, I wanted to look up to her and be like her, so it's really awesome to share one year with her."

"Just getting to play on this level and making it this far my last year, it's memorable and something we'll hold on to forever," Adison said.

The pair is hoping they'll have a trophy to hold on to forever as well as turner heads to the OSSAA Class B State Tournament this week.  The Lady Falcons overcame #14 Buffalo Valley and #6 Geronimo this past weekend to win their area consolation championship.

"They're resilient. They're fighters," Keatts said. "A lot of toughness. They play for each other."

And they'll need every ounce of that grit in the quarterfinals on Wednesday at 12:00 as they prepare to face Dover, the number one team in Class B.

"Even if we get down, we just have to keep on working hard and depending on each other," Adlin said.

We're just going to have to count on each other," Adison said. "If someone's hot, feed them. Play together, get those loose balls, and just leave it all out there no matter what. Just play every game like it could possibly be our last."