MADILL, Oklahoma (KTEN)- In Madill, the Wildcats are prepared to welcome in new head football coach John Heavner.

Heavner comes over from Denison where he's been an assistant the last five seasons. He's also be an assistant at East central and Southeastern during his 20 plus year coaching career.

And as he gets ready to take over a Madill program that is currently nursing a seven-year playoff drought, he's looking to create a culture that his players will want to buy in to.

"Coaching is about building relationships and my hope is that we create a great experience for our team and their most favorite thing they get to do is have an opportunity to play football at Madill High School," Heavner said. "If we create that experience and believe in each other and have great camraderie and work hard, we have an opportunity to be successful. That's really ultimately my goal. I want guys to walk out and be better prepared to go live life, but I also hope this is the most fun time they've had."