SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) —U.S. Senator John Cornyn made an appearance today at Sherman High School to discuss the implantation of his creating helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors for America Act, or CHIPS for America for short.

During this meeting, the highlight of investment in the semiconductor and workforce industry was reviewed.

"Texas instruments has been in our community and has been an anchor in our community. It has provided thousands of jobs to Sherman and Denison and Grayson county residents since the 1960's. A lot of families are still retired from Texas instruments," quotes Sherman Economic Development CEO Kent Sharp.

SEN. Cornyn presented the CHIPS act in 2020.

Since the bill was signed into law in 2021, $52 billion has been secured for the effort which has already brought skilled manufacturing jobs and workforce development programs to north Texas through the CHIPS and science act.

"So, what the chips act does is it kind of bridges the gap for us as a local entity offering incentives for industrial companies to come here..."

CHIPS will help not only the development of semiconductors, but provide access more jobs and resources for everyone.

"What does this mean for the people in our neighborhoods in Sherman, Texas? It means jobs. It means opportunities that have never, ever existed before," stated David Plyer, Mayor of Sherman.

Highly skilled manufacturing jobs and workforce development programs will continue to be brought here to North Texas.

In studio, Aidan Jo Farris, ABC TEN First News.