HOWE, Texas (KTEN) — Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is making Texans aware of a new toxicant to help with the state's growing feral hog population.

Feral hogs are an invasive species in the US. Miller said they have caused more than $3 billion in crop damage across the nation.

These hogs go from place to place and uproot anything in their path looking for food. They carry diseases, ruin crops, and take food away from livestock.

They can get under fences, around barriers, and are almost impossible to restrain.

Scott Renfro is getting ready to plant corn at his farm in Howe, Texas, but says he deals with these hogs year round.

"There's a lot of destruction on it, and a lot of money involved for what time and expense we put in to plant a crop," Renfro said. "They can go in overnight and just tear it to pieces."

Kaput Feral Hog Bait will be available this spring after years of testing the safety to ensure it won't harm other animals.

Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said about the product's safety, "a cow would have to eat 300 pounds of it in one setting which is physically impossible to do, a dog would have to eat 28 pounds."

Kaput act's as a blood thinner and once the hogs consume the correct amount, it kills them.

Feral hogs are often hunted and harvested, but they are not safe to eat once they've consumed Kaput. So the product contains a blue dye to prevent people from eating them. If you attempt to harvest a hog that has consumed Kaput, the fat of the animal would be blue. 


Warning label

View Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller's release here.

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