BONHAM, Texas (KTEN)- Things are going to look a little different for Bonham this year.

The Purple Warriors are moving up to 4A for the first time in six years where they'll join Van Alstyne's district.

The last time Bonham was at this level, the Purple Warriors won just five games in four years.

But head coach John Ramsey said he's been encouraged by the effort he has seen from his players this offseason, and he believes that determination will be key as the Purple Warriors prepare to go to battle this fall.

"We're really trying to get our kids to work harder, be okay with doing hard things," Ramsey said. "People look at moving up into a 4A district, and they look at 'poor Bonham, look where they're going,' but the reality is those guys have to come play Bonham, so it's not going to be necessarily something we're dreading. They have to come here and earn the win just like we have to go there and earn those wins as well."