SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — A Gunter man was sentenced to 10 years in prison on top of a $10,000 fine for the felony offense of stalking, in a case that dates back more than 15 years.

"This is kind of like one of those scary movies you see, of someone who just won't stop," said Grayson County Criminal District Attorney Brett Smith. "Stalking creates a lot of fear for the victims of these crimes, and it's designed to try to control someone that they don't have physical control over."

Kenneth Horn, 34, was arrested in May of 2022 after the victim reported harassment at her home, work and her parents' home.

"It's physiological fear tactics that people use in stalking," Smith said. "By just being relentless and being annoying and harassing, and at some point it becomes a crime."

Horn and the victim met in college. In 2010, he was convicted of harassing the same woman.

"Despite every attempt by law enforcement, the victim's family, and the community to get him to stop, he just wouldn't stop. He was fixated with this victim," Smith said.

Horn was reported repeatedly making direct contact with the victim and their father via texts, mail, gifts, and visits to the home of the victim's parents, even after Denison police instructed him to stop.

"I think if the Grayson County jury could have given him more time, they would have," Smith continued. "This defendant showed that he wasn't going to stop; that probation wasn't going to make him do anything; and I think one of the problems he had is, he told the jury he wasn't remorseful."

In college, Horn was once found crouched behind the victim's car carrying a hunting knife.

Another time, prosecutors said Horn sent flowers with a note that read: "I love you enough to face the consequences."

The victim in this case was also granted a lifetime protective order.