ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — Just after noon on Wednesday, law enforcement was dispatched to Latta Middle School to investigate a report that a student had brought a firearm to the campus.

Latta Public Schools Superintendent Stan Cochran said a school resource officer provided through the Pontotoc County Sheriff's Office was first at the scene.

"We then took steps to notify parents so they would be informed of the situation — both while it was ongoing and then after it was safely resolved," Cochran said. "All indications we have at this time are that it was an individualized situation."

Administrators and law enforcement found and confiscated an unloaded weapon from the student, who was taken into custody by Chickasaw Lighthorse police.

"We have had a school resource officer the past five to six years. It also helps with a situation like yesterday to quickly make the contacts," Cochran said.

District 22 District Attorney Erik Johnson believes the State Department of Education should place more focus and funding toward employing school counselors, especially in rural districts.

"I want Oklahoma City to take seriously the ability and resources we have in rural Oklahoma to respond to children that are in crisis," Johnson said. "If I've got a kid that's in mental health crisis in seventh grade and it goes undiagnosed, then I've got a kid that's going to be a serious danger to the community in high school or after high school."

Chickasaw Lighthorse police are leading the investigation into the gun incident.