(KTEN) — Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt issued Executive Order 2023-32 last month, creating the One Oklahoma Task Force.

Stitt said the order could resolve the broken system created by the Supreme Court's decision in the McGirt case, which ruled that the state cannot prosecute crimes committed by or against Native Americans in Tribal lands.

The task force is intended to provide the governor, legislature, tribal leaders and congressional delegation with legislative and regulatory recommendations to address the challenges that stem from the McGirt ruling.

The Inter-Tribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes — which includes Choctaw and Chickasaw leaders — responded to that executive order saying, in part:

"After reviewing the language of the executive order and structure of the proposed task force, we conclude that it is designed to divide rather than unify and to make political points rather than seek genuine solutions."

The Council called on Stitt to "make a good faith effort at practical solutions for working with tribes," and said that Native American leaders are "fully prepared to move forward."

The One Oklahoma Task Force is expected to deliver its first report to the governor by mid-year.