SHERMAN, Texas — The Grayson County Jail expansion project has ground to a halt after more than one year of planning.

The original price tag of $37 million has soared to $73 million.

Grayson County Judge Bruce Dawsey said a grant that was set aside for this project was given away by the previous Grayson County Commissioners Court.

"We had the $20 million in fund balance; it was given to TxDOT.  We borrowed money based on the estimate of the $37 million, so we're going to have to go back and redesign our jail," Dawsey explained.

KTEN reached out to former Grayson County Judge Bill Magers, who had no comment on the matter.

A focal point of the expansion is adding more capacity to the jail.

"The original plan was 150 or 166 beds, and then there was going to be a shell on top that they could finish out later to make another 150 beds," Dawsey said. "Well, that shell concept is what really increased the cost because of the amount of concrete that they were going to have to put in."

Dawsey said $2 million was originally budgeted for the shell; that expense has now escalated to $40 million.

Grayson County Jail administrator Capt. Sarah Bigham is focused on what's next.

"We're going day-by-day as we can," she said. "It's a 24/7 operation, so we don't have a lot of time to get bogged down in those details, but we are still here to provide any information that they need as the project moves forward. It's just going to be a little slower than we originally thought."

The first meeting to discuss a revised redesign process is scheduled for January 17.