(KTEN) -- We're about a week removed from a new ruling on eligibility requirements by the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA).

Many school districts and athletic departments believe it will change the high school athletics landscape.

The OSSAA previously required student-athletes transferring to another district to sit out a year before suiting up for their new school.

That rule is no more, as the OSSAA’s board of directors made an exception in a 12 to 1 vote-- saying that a student choosing a new school will become eligible right away after filing the proper paperwork.

"It's going to change the way people coach. You have to be a players-coach. Your kids have to like you,” Dickson athletic director Matt Suffal said. “In today's generation where it's about the scholarship and the exposure you can get at certain places, you might see some of these kids want to jump ship to see if they can get seen from someone else."

While the ruling pertains to athletics, it has school officials thinking about the impact outside the locker room.

"If it's one kid or it's ten students, dollars follow the kids,” Tishomingo superintendent Bobby Waitman said. “Where ever the students are in school is where the state formula is going to provide funding."

According to Dickson athletic director Matt Suffal, families have already begun recruiting students to respective districts, despite the OSSAA stating that any student determined to be recruited to a school won't be eligible for participation.

"We already have kids that have parents reaching out to them from other school systems saying 'hey, come to our school when this goes into effect July one',” Suffal explained. “Athletic directors, you have to make sure you're staying on top of your coaches to make sure this doesn't happen."

The OSSAA says that students transferring prior to the July 1 inception date won't be considered under the new policy.

According to Dickson athletic director Matt Suffal, he believes the new transfer rule will be more popular for single-sport student-athletes.