(KTEN) — The Oklahoma District Attorneys Council sending a response Tuesday to a letter from state Representative Justin Humphrey, requesting an examination into the collection of probation fees by the state's district attorney's.

"When you collect money wrongfully," said Rep. Humphrey, "And then put it in one account, then put it one account, then put it in another account and bring it back so you can use it washed more or less so you can use it the way you want, that looks like a money laundering scheme."

Rep. Humphrey sent the initial letter to Attorney General Drummond on Monday stating:

"The fees have never been applied to the actual act of supervision as the appellate court directly orders. If my calculation is correct, that would mean the district attorney's illegally have collected approximately $209 million."

"All I'm asking is show me where you're using this money for the actual acts of supervision," said Rep. Humphrey.  "Because you're collecting it and I have an email saying it's being collected and put in a general fund so if you're putting it in a general fund it's not being used for the acts of supervision."

District 26 DA Christopher Boring, chairman of the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council, signed a letter in response to Humphrey stating all 27 state DA's were "caught off guard" by the claims saying:

"To be blindsided by this letter and for him to be airing accusations such as these in the media is a disappointment... We hope that the Attorney General will review both letters and bring a quick resolution to this matter..."

"Why should Oklahoma fund their criminal system illegally," questioned Rep. Humphrey. "If we're gonna have DA's and they're going to prosecute people then let's not do what we're prosecuting other people for."

Rep. Humphrey says this push is a part of a bigger agenda to reform Oklahoma's criminal justice system.