(KTEN) — Another special election day in Oklahoma is in the books.

Voters in the Town of Gene Autry in Carter County, the City of Atoka and the City of Sulphur all made their way to the polls on Tuesday; here are results:

In Gene Autry, voters unanimously approved a contract renewal with OG&E. Only 14 ballots were cast, and all in support of the proposition, so OG&E will be resonsible for electric utility work in Gene Autry for the next 25 years.


Atoka voters were presented with a similar proposition — whether the Public Service Company of Oklahoma's franchise agreement with the city  should be renewed for electric utility work within the city.  That proposal passed with an 85 percent "yes" vote.


And in Sulphur, a proposition asking if Ward 1 city council member Alan McKay should be removed from office was rejected by 56 percent, so McKay will retain his post.