ATOKA, Okla. (KTEN) — As the first day of the new school year approaches, teachers in Atoka are dusting off their books and gathering supplies for their classrooms. 

"When it comes to their kids, communities are always willing to do whatever they need to do," said Atoka Public Schools Superintendent Mike Martin. 

Elementary teacher Monica Cathey emphasized that incoming instructors have special needs for a successful school year. 

"As a new teacher it can be overwhelming, because you don't have as many supplies built up as a senior teacher," she said. "This will be my thirteenth year, so I have a lot of supplies built up through Amazon wish list."

The Public Service Company of Oklahoma has awarded multiple grants to Atoka Public Schools teachers to provide additional funding.

In addition to those grants, some teachers are reaching out to parents and taxpayers for more on social media. 

"A lot of times at meet-and-greets, parents ask us what we could provide for you, and then you can say you have an Amazon wish list," Cathey said.  "We want them to come to us and ask and we try to find a way to get them what they need."

From his perspective, Martin said there is enough funding to allow for success. 

"We try to get our teachers everything they need to be successful in the classroom, and that's what we're always striving to do," the superintendent said.