HOWE, Texas (KTEN) — Recent storms and rising temperatures have hit some crops hard. Now farmers must wait and see if they'll recover.

With about 7,200 acres of land, the cornfield at Renfro Farms was impacted the most.

"We did have some wind damage; we did have some hail damage," said Scott Renfro. "Now, we're just kind of waiting to see if some of this corn might possibly... slowly... stand up a little bit."

There are still a lot of unknowns as farmers try to assess the damage.

"What we're worried about is how bad that it hit on these corn cobs," Renfro said. "Did it really affect these kernels in here when the hail hit it? And to what degree?"

Renfro Farms is hoping increased precipitation will help combat the aftermath of the storms.

"We got a good two to three inches of rain out of it, which should carry this corn crop through till harvest just fine ... and so you have to look at it in that aspect as well," Renfro said.

Violent storms and summer heat have had an impact on Texoma crops.


Nutty Hill Farm in Luella had been experiencing one of its best yields ever.

"Before the storms, this is was nothing but a canopy of green; you could not see any of the melons, you couldn't see anything," said Bryan Wilson. "This week, you can see all of the melons."

Now they're also in wait-and-see mode.

'We're trying to get our tomato plants stood back up and picked where, you know, there may be some fruit damage, but we're just trying to go through the process and just running through, and getting things cleaned up," Wilson said.