COALGATE, Okla. (KTEN) —  "It is absolutely a necessity to get it the best shot you got to find the animals... you owe it to them," said Rhett Acker.

His firm — the Oklahoma Drone Recovery Company — stands to help if a hunter needs help locating a wounded deer.

"It's not uncommon sometimes to place a bad shot on the animal," Acker said. "Not only do we owe it to the animal to find it and recover it, but we owe it to ourselves."

His service utilizes thermal drone technology to help target missing deer.

"One, we're able to search from an aerial view; we're able to catch more ground than say if we were to track on foot," Acker explained. "Secondly, you really mitigate your scent control."

But before they can locate the animal, the drone establishes a flight path.

"We went on a job, where a rancher lost a cow. He had lost his cow for five days. We were able to show up and put the drone in the air, and within 15 to 30 minutes, we had not only the cow located, but also her calf," Acker said.

And the ODRC's eye in the sky can offer additional services to hunters.

"We can scan your farm and give you an inventory status of sort of your buck-to-doe ratio," Acker said.

In February, the company assisted H&L Custom Processing with land management at its Coalgate facility.

"We had a lot of hogs on our place," said H&L's Gary Hensley. "We was having a hard time getting them. Every time we zigged, they zagged."

With the use of thermal drone technology, the pigs were tracked within 30 minutes.

"There was a group of 12 or 15, and took them all out but one.

although oklahoma drone recovery began in january, their goal is to service all of oklahoma.