DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Several Denison entrepreneurs took a trip to Golden, Colorado, to learn new ways to boost business back home.

"We don't take them because they're not doing well and they need to improve; we take some of our highest-performing businesses," said Denison Main Street director Donna Dow.

The business owners returned to Texas with some new ideas that will help just about everyone.

"It increases the tax base when people do shop here and we make it a destination," said Tommi Homuth of Tracy Realty.

The city's large showing at the business boot camp means there's going to be a lot of progress in the near future.

"We are Team Denison," Homuth said. "We work really well together. It's a really friendly city."

The co-owners of the Hey Sugar candy store on Main Street agree.

"We met everybody around this town and said, 'This is the place. We're going here; we're not going anywhere else," said Patrick Melvin. 

Hey Sugar has been in business for a year and a half, and they're happy to turn new ideas from the Colorado seminar into practice.

"When we put money into our business and invest into our business, it benefits not only our business, but the other businesses as well as the community," said Cynthia Melvin.

So if you notice some new things about your favorite businesses around town, you can thank that Colorado boot camp.