BONHAM, Texas (KTEN) — Bonham is celebrating 175 years of history.

A new exhibit at the Fannin County Museum of History showcases the Tools That Built Bonham.

"This just really highlights all that we have gone through, and all of that we worked so hard we built back," said museum administrator Katie Morrow.

The tools on display date back to the 1800s.

"There wasn't any electric tools, and everything else," museum president Glenn Taylor. "Everything had to be done by hand. This is some of the stuff they used to build Bonham."

The hand tools were used to help build homes and businesses in the early days of Bonham, Texas.

"If you look in our downtown area, especially around the square, most of those buildings, you can look at old photographs, and they're still standing," Morrow said. "And if you look at any older houses, these tools probably helped build those, because the people who lived in town built this, and those tools were just passed down to families and they ended up here."

The new exhibit celebrates the city's roots. 

"We had trains, we had cotton mills, we had a lot of industry here in Bonham," Morrow said. "This was a destination; this was a place for people to come."