DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Since 1965, Denison Fire Rescue has been partnered with Texoma Medical Center. On Friday, the fire department received the American College of Cardiology Partnership Award, recognizing response times that have saved many lives.

"We need their help to take care of the patient when they first call for help, so without them we could not do our job well," said Texoma Medical Center quality manager Sandy Chancellor.

Since the establishment of Texoma Medical Center, the Denison Fire Rescue team has been an ally as medical professionals and firefighters work together to help save lives.

"They understand excellent care for our patients and the need to do things right all the time," Chancellor said.

The department has changed its training practices over the last two years, a beneficial move for both the hospital and the fire department.

"It allows us to activate certain procedures out in the field, pre-hospital; that way the hospital has activated their teams so they will be ready on our arrival," said Denison Assistant Fire Chief Mark Escamilla.

This is the first time Denison Fire Rescue has been recognized in this field.