DURANT, Okla. (KTEN) — What do Durant residents think about their fast-growing city, its promise and its problems?

That was the theme of a public meeting at George Washington Elementary School Monday evening as the city unveiled the results of a survey taking the temperature of its citizens.

"The data didn't surprise me at all," said Kara Byrd. "But I would love to see us engaging on all the opportunity we do have."

A researcher from the University of Arkansas went over each percentage of the survey results and added city data to put things into perspective.

"It's really great to see how the numbers either align with facts or don't align with facts," said City Manager Lisa Taylor. "I think I learned a lot with the presentation. Our team worked with UCA to provide a little bit of information, but they were able to gather data on their own."

One common thread in the survey was the state of Durant's roads and streets, with lingering construction along University Boulevard construction a hot topic.

"Roads and infrastructure are an issue. Our deeper, bigger issue is that we need to actually have the funds to invest in those roads," Byrd said. "My biggest hope is that we do have the ability to elect new Council members, and we have a new city manager that will hopefully enact the plans, and they're actually willing to listen to constituents, and it seems like they're trying to get more engagement, more buy-in. So I'm hopeful that things move forward, but it's more cautious."

With 2,000 comments to read through, the city manager said this is the kind of response they were hoping for.

"There were some rough comments," said Taylor. "But how are we going to move forward and make our community better if we don't know how people feel?"

The city said the official results will be posted on Tuesday.