(KTEN) – As if it was a stroke of luck, the first winter storm of the season moved through on January 24… my birthday!

Winter Storm Warnings were hoisted for our northern counties as well as Winter Weather Advisories for our North Texas and southern Oklahoma counties before the onset of wintry precipitation.

Winter weather alerts were issued on January 23 ahead of the winter storm


The Winter Storm Severity Index (WSSI) predicted moderate impacts to some portions of Texoma on January 24. Moderate impacts on this index includes hazardous traveling conditions as well as the possibilities of school closures and disruptions. Many school districts shut down on January 25 due to the possibility of unsafe driving conditions.

The Winter Storm Severity Index showed moderate impacts in some parts of Texoma on January 24


Precipitation started as a cold rain with temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. The first counties to experience the rain/snow transition were our western counties, specifically Stephens and Jefferson counties.

The rain/snow line slowly traversed the region from west to east, eventually reaching Sherman by 7 p.m. and Durant by around 9 p.m.

Timing for the onset of snow on January 24


Thanks to the slow progression, the rain/snow line did not reach areas like Paris and Idabel. Those areas did not see any snow accumulations from this recent bout of winter weather.

Observed snowfall totals from January 24


Up to 7 inches of snow fell in Roff, Oklahoma, located in Pontotoc County; 2 inches of snow was observed in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and Collinsville, Texas.

Snowfall totals from January 24


A heavy, wet snow allowed for kids to easily build snowmen!

Kids were able to build snowmen in Roff, OK thanks to heavy, wet snow on January 24

More than an inch of rain fell during the entire storm with both liquid and liquid equivalent (snow to liquid) measurements.

Over an inch of rain fell in many locations on January 24


Hopefully, we will start to see a decrease in the prolonged drought conditions that have plagued Texoma for months.