(KTEN) — The CDC recently announced that it is investigating the agency's vaccine safety monitoring system after it flagged Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for a possible link to strokes in adults age 65 and older.

Texas state Sen. Drew Springer (R-District 30) has filed Senate Bill 403 which seeks to establish a committee "...to assess the full and complete adverse reactions, including death, and effectiveness of each type of vaccine used in Texas to defend the human body against COVID-19."

"Kids who have had these heart issues playing high school sports before the pandemic, post-pandemic, they are talking it's in the tens of thousands are having these issues," Springer said. "That's a pretty big data set, but we need to clean that data up, make sure it's really truthful, and then figure out why."

The CDC has not changed any of its recommendations regarding approved COVID-19 vaccines, saying they are "safe, effective and free," and that possible side effects linked to vaccines "are rare, but can cause long-term health problems."

A statement from the agency said:

"CDC continues to recommend that everyone ages 6 months of age and older stay up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccination; this includes individuals who are currently eligible to receive an updated (bivalent) vaccine. Staying up-to-date with vaccines is the most effective tool we have for reducing death, hospitalization, and severe disease from COVID-19, as has now been demonstrated in multiple studies conducted in the United States and other countries."

A chart compiled by Our World in Data and based on statistics from the CDC shows that as of September 3, 2022, the death rate for patients age 50 and older with a primary COVID vaccination and two boosters was 0.49 per 100,000.

The death rate for unvaccinated patients was 5.46 per 100,000.