DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — A new butcher shop is open in Denison. But they're doing much more than just chopping meat.

For co-owner Pete Gonzales, Heritage Butchery & Barbecue is about a return to the city of Denison and bringing his passion with him... a passion he’s working to pass onto his apprentices.

Years ago, Gonzales found himself in a career he didn’t want to be in.

“I was doing mortgages for Bank of America, living the cubicle life," he recalled. "Wasn’t too happy.”

His solution? Volunteering.

“I asked to work for free, so I would go in when I could and start learning fabrication,” he said.

After spending time as an apprentice himself, Gonzales took another job just a few miles away.

“Making the commute, doing some fantastic things in McKinney, and realizing that my own community didn’t have something like we were doing down there.”

The other half of his shop is a sit-in restaurant that works hand-in-hand with the butchery to give customers the best they can get.

“The pig bones go into the kitchen, they roast them, they make the stock and then it becomes our pork and beans,” Gonzales said.

His goal now is to offer some of that fresh food to customers and teach the next wave of butchers.

“We do have an apprentice program," Gonzales said. "Full carcass butchery is hard to find... people that know that.”

Heritage Butchery & Barbecue is located south of the Denison Walmart on the U.S. 75 service road, just south of Morton Street. 

Heritage Butchery & Barbecue is now open for business in Denison.