(KTEN) — Texas Rep. Pat Fallon (R-District 4) has filed articles of impeachment against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The move comes just one day after President Biden was joined by Mayorkas in El Paso to review the migrant crisis along the southern border.

"I think this will hit the House floor, and I believe that Alejandro Mayorkas will be impeached," Fallon told KTEN. "He perjured himself under oath. He said the border was secure, but then he was caught on a hot mic saying that it was 'unsustainable' and it was 'chaos.'"

Fallon maintains that Congress and the country have been misled by Mayorkas.

"He knew that no migrants had been whipped by Border Patrol agents on horseback; he knew that was false. He knew that no migrant was whipped, and yet he went with that false woke narrative anyway, thereby undermining his own Border Patrol agents and misleading the American people," Fallon said.

Just a little over 24 hours before Fallon filed those articles, Mayorkas accompanied President Biden to El Paso, where the commander-in-chief saw the crisis in person for the first time.

"He should've visited multiple locations along the border... it's a long border," Fallon said. "He has been president for nearly two years, also known as 720 days... or 17,500 hours, roughly. And he was on the border for three of them."

Last Thursday, President Biden announced new restrictions for asylum seekers entering the country from the south.

"What he should be doing is saying, 'Listen: We need to re-institute the migrant protection protocols that President Trump had done for four years', which actually worked. Which says, if you're claiming asylum, you will wait in Mexico while your case is adjudicated," Fallon said.

Secretary Mayorkas said he has no plans to resign, and is ready for any impending investigation.