SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) -- Since companies like Texas Instruments and GlobiTech have invested billions of dollars into expanded Sherman facilities, the City Council has been working to get ready for the people these projects will employ.

On January 3, the Council approved an $11.22 million water treatment expansion project to help handle projected growth.

As construction projects continue and people move to Sherman, the city is facing a tight timeline.

"We know that GlobiWafers and TI want to be making product in 2025, so that gives us a very short window to build dozens of miles of water line," said Sherman city spokesperson Nate Strauch.

Sherman has agreed to a contract with Archer Western Construction to help create an efficient plan to provide enough water for both people and businesses.

The water treatment expansion project is being paid for by a $200 million city utility bond that will be used for many different utility projects going forward.

City Council member Shawn Teamann anticipates lower water rates for taxpayers once GlobiTech and Texas Instruments have expanded.

"The two companies will basically double the amount of water the City of Sherman treats and utilizes," he said. "Having bigger water users tends to drive the water rates down."

The city expects that the costs of this project and others like it will be paid for and more by the money coming back to Sherman from Texas Instruments and GlobiTech once the facilities are completed.