ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — Erik Johnson is the new District Attorney for Oklahoma’s District 22.

Johnson, an Ada resident and a lifelong Oklahoman, was sworn in last week as the DA for Pontotoc, Hughes, and Seminole counties. 

He brings 23 years of experience as a practicing attorney to the District 22 office. 

“This is a position I feel like I've prepared my entire life for,” Johnson said. “Now it's my job to make sure that we have effective prosecution. We have an excellent staff and aggressive and knowledgeable lawyers ready to serve the public interest.”

Johnson said his office will focus on prosecuting crimes against children cases.  

"I’ve hired two new investigators. Doug Parker retired from the Oklahoma City Police department after 27 years of service. He's been a homicide detective for the last five years, and prior to that, he was the primary detective on the crimes against children unit,” Johnson explained. “It’s our job to marshal the resources of child advocates, the Department of Human Services, or law enforcement and make sure that we bring all of those resources to bear to make sure that if someone does something bad to a child, they will pay the penalty.”

Supporting local law enforcement agencies is another priority. 

“We have great law enforcement agencies with Ada police and the Pontotoc County Sheriff's Office, for example,” Johnson said. “They need to be supported and well compensated for their positions. They need to know that their District Attorney will have their back when they bring charges, and they’ll be reviewed in a timely manner.” 

County officials and tribal leaders showed their support during Johnson's swearing-in ceremony. 

“I believe absolutely that the Chickasaw Nation has the same interest that I do in keeping our community safe,” Johnson said. “ I feel like I have a terrific relationship with the Chickasaw Nation Judiciary.”

The DA’s office will host domestic abuse training for law enforcement and other prosecutors next month. 

“I want to make sure that law enforcement is on the same page of what our standards are for when a domestic abuse case comes to our office so that we can effectively handle those cases and give protection to victims of domestic abuse,” Johnson Explained.

He said they plan to have similar trainings quarterly.