DURANT, Okla. (KTEN) — For the first time ever, the Choctaw Casino and Resort is featuring tribal art on its slot machines.

The project took four months to create. Artist D.G. Smalling included aspects of the Choctaw culture in his design.

"The four major assets or the four major animals... so you have a buffalo, you have an eagle, you have a horse and you have a puma, and then you have all the minor assets," he explained.

The artwork is displayed on several Ultra Rush machines in the Choctaw Casino and Resort.

"In a game, this is built on two things. You have a 50-50 percent proposition," Smalling said. "It's the art that gets you to sit at the game, and it's the math that keeps you at the game."

Smalling believes as the entertainment industry grows, so will opportunities for artists.