(KTEN) — Six years ago, Oklahoma voters passed State Question 780 and State Question 781, which changed certain drug-related crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. The legislation promised to shift the money that was saved on sending people to jail invest in drug rehabilitation centers.

But six years later, no money has ever been deposited into the account created by State Question 781.

"We're going to keep them in the community, but we're going to keep that money we saved and we're going to start real supervision, real behavioral change, real treatment and all of that," said state Rep. Justin Humphrey (R-District 19).

Hunter Rambo, the program director at Southern Oklahoma Treatment Center in Durant, believes in giving people the help they need so they don't return to jail or prison. 

"They are starting a whole new journey in life, and a part of the recovery process is to hold yourself accountable and to get support," he said.

Humphrey is working with other lawmakers to get back the money that had been earmarked for treatment centers.

"Now we are going to write a bill that says, 'Here is how much we are supposed to be getting,'" he said. "Employment is the number one thing to change substance abuse and criminal behavior, so that's what we should focus at."