SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN)—Alison Appleby had never entered a pageant before, but when someone told her she couldn't do it, she had to prove them wrong. In her first competition, she came home, crowned Miss Dallas Teen 2022, with her service dog in training, Brady, by her side.

"A bystander who was just standing there overhearing our conversation said 'you can't do that, because you have a disability, and pageant girls don't have disabilities,'" Appleby said.

The 17 year-old was diagnosed with epilepsy two years ago. Her dog assists by alerting her to oncoming seizures. In the future, he will also be able to fetch her medication.

The duo traveled to Dallas without any expectations, and returned with a couple of crowns thanks in part to Appleby's winning personality.

The judges told her it was her pageant interview that put her at the top.

"One of the things that got them, that made them stop writing and look at me, like 'did you really just say that?' and something I tell a lot of people, is just because I have a chronic illness, doesn't mean I 'm chronically ill," Appleby said.

Brady helped both Alison and her mother throughout the pageant.

"I stayed down there, but they don't let the parents anywhere near the rehearsal or anything," said Beth Appleby, Alison's mother. "I wasn't nervous because she has Brady, who takes good care of her."

Next up for Alison and Brady is a trip to Houston for the Miss Texas pageant in May. In the meantime, she'll attend charity events and functions. She hopes to inspire others with similar disabilities.