DURANT, Okla (KTEN) -- For months now, University Boulevard from Westside Drive to University Place was down to a one lane road but now the road is back open for two way traffic. 

Before the road opened back up, the commute to and from work was a hassle for many. 

"Whenever it was a one way, it got a lot of drivers confused since it's only that direction, and can't go back," said Durant resident, Travis Sergeant. "So, I took a longer route back home and since it re-opened, it's just straight there, straight back."

Monday, two way traffic resumed. 

"There's no detour going around and it's like one of those things, you can't get there from here, but now that they got this open, it's amazing," said resident, Tom Rigsby. 

Which makes it easier for people to return back to local shops. 

"We can actually turn around, and go back the other direction if we missed the turn we need to go back into," said Sergeant.

Businesses have already felt a boom in business. 

"I have had more customers walk in to talk to me and order then I had before it was close, because it was just a phone call, and if I couldn't get to the phone call, they would have to order out of pay raise, but now that it's open, they can sit. They can look. They can talk to me," said Customer Service Rep with Print Works, Baylee Lemmons. 

Although one stretch of University Boulevard has opened back up, there's still work to be done. 

Currently there is no time table for when the project will be completed.