(KTEN) — As a life-threatening Category 4 storm made made landfall in Florida on Wednesday, organizations and churches in Texoma were ready to help the victims of Hurricane Ian.

The Salvation Army of Grayson County is teaming up with others to provide disaster relief.

"We have six RRU's and one full size canteen that's being deployed today, plus the incident management team that I'm a part of," said Salvation Army Lt. Michael Cain. "We're meeting up with Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi divisions, and when we get to Florida, we'll be meeting up with the Florida division."

This is not the first rodeo for the non-profit agency most of know from their Red Kettle holiday fundraising drive.

"We have already deployed in local disasters, as in the Denison Fire Department or the Sherman Fire Department has called us," Cain said. "So having that training there at home, we get to use that training in a larger role."

Parkside Baptist Church in Denison has joined other churches by providing funds to help those affected by Hurricane Ian.

"We experienced that in Houston just a few years ago, and so many people helped us here," said Pastor Jeff Humphrey. "It's our time to get to help them as well too."

And they are ready and waiting if needed. 

"We do have some people that are trained up in disaster relief, and if they call on us, we would be willing to go," Humphrey said. 

If you would like to provide financial help, visit the American Red CrossSend Relief or Salvation Army Hurricane Relief.