LOVE CO., Okla. (KTEN) — Love County Undersheriff Trent Daniel was sworn in on Tuesday as a special deputy with the U.S. Marshals Service Violent Crime and Fugitive Task Force for the Eastern District of Oklahoma. 

“The partnerships we create with other agencies — whether it be the Chickasaw Nation, local departments, or state agencies — helps us work together as a team to accomplish one goal: To serve and protect the citizens of Love County,” Daniel said. 

The partnership will provide the sheriff’s office with resources to assist deputies during critical incidents when searching for violent criminals. 

“Being a part of the task force will open up resources for manpower, equipment, and other resources outside of our county,” said Love County Sheriff Andy Cumberledge. “Most of the investigations are people who have committed crimes in Love County and then gone somewhere else.”

Jurisdictional boundaries have been an obstacle for some investigations in Love County; the partnership will remove most of those restrictions. 

“We have two deputies per shift who are usually hooked up on calls back-to-back, so partnering with the marshals allows us to conduct investigations not only in Love County, but across the state,” Cumberledge explained. 

The sheriff said he plans to add more deputies to the task force in the future.