SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Young adults were a part of Thursday night's Suicide Prevention Walk in Sherman. The event was inspired by a quote from the movie "Legally Blonde."

"Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy," said Kenzie Baca with Middle Ground, which hosted the walk.

The goal was to help people see they're not alone, and — as the quote suggests — to offer some exercise to help encourage healthy practices.

"A lot of people can be overwhelmed by physical health, and mental health, and just the steps it takes to take care of ourselves," said Baca. "So I figured this would be more of a simple step; a simple way to do something together so you don't feel so alone."

The walk started at MG's Restaurant, circled Fairview Park and came back. Then the participants grabbed some food at the restaurant.

"I've been praying about it," said walker and donor Jax Dixon. "And I think God's going to do something really cool in this walk, and He's already done a lot providing for people in this organization, and I want to be part of that, too."

Participants received a free milkshake in exchange for a clothing donation.

"I just want to help as much as possible," said Emma McLemore with Wings Initiative in Denison. "And make sure that people have the clothing they need for school."

The donated clothes will go to different organizations across Denison and Sherman, including C.A.S.A. and a Denison rehab facility.
Anyone can donate clothes anytime through the Denison Wings Initiative.

"A time and a pickup location that they're comfortable with," said McLemore. "And we'll go pick that up for them."