MARIETTA, Okla. (KTEN) — Marietta Public Schools has changed its policy for younger students who attend school sporting events.

"Students in the eighth grade and below won't be able to attend games unless they are accompanied by a parent or responsible adult," the district announced in a statement issued last Friday.

Superintendent Brandi Naylor said the policy shift aims to reduce safety issues the school district has experienced with younger students in past years.

"[We've had] everything from kids running up and down the stands to fighting and vandalism," Naylor said. "There are just so many different things. So we decided to look at a change in policy to address those needs."

School personnel will be at the entrance of all sporting events to make sure that all younger fans entering are supervised by an adult.

As for students who are dropped off; the district has a plan.

"We'll call the parent ourselves," Naylor said. "We'll look up the phone numbers and we'll call the parent and get them to come back and pick up the child."

Naylor also told KTEN News that there haven't been any issues with the policy change so far. In fact, other area school districts have expressed interest in implementing a similar policy.

"The changes are a result of the school district’s desire to provide the safest and least disruptive environment for all spectators to enjoy the game, while also complying with OSSAA guidelines," district said.