GAINESVILLE, Texas (KTEN) — A new federal rule went into effect Wednesday that added "ghost guns" to the definition of firearms.

"Ghost gun" refers to any gun without a manufacturer's identification number; specifically, any weapon made into an active firearm by its owner.

"A homemade gun, which it requires all of these parts just to complete the slide," said Lone Star Shooting Supply Owner Buck Stienke. "And I'm telling you it requires some skill and it requires some tools, you can make a functional gun out of these, what they call 80 percent lowers."

The change by the Biden Administration means that "ghost guns" are treated the same as traditional firearms. They will have mandated serial numbers and owners will be required to get background checks when obtaining those "80 percent" kits and certain parts.

"I wouldn't buy one from an individual because there's liability associated with someone else's work that's not backed up by a factory," said Stienke. "Just like if you made your own car — you can do that, it's no law preventing you from making your own car, you can take it down and get it registered and drive down the street with it — but good luck getting a dealership to buy it."

Sherman Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Brett Mullen said ghost guns have not been a probl around Texoma have said it's not something they've had to deal with.

Some gun rights activists are upset with the new rule. Gun Owners in America and the National Firearms Association are taking action with a lawsuit.

"I'm fairly confident that those two will be successful in getting those regulations thrown out,, because I believe that they're a violation of our rights under the Constitution," Steinke said.

But is the concern over ghost guns unfounded?

"In Sherman I don't believe that we've had any cases of ghost guns, or un serialized firearms," said Sherman Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Brett Mullen. "But if we did encounter any firearms during an investigation, under the right circumstances we would contact federal law enforcement for that."