TISHOMINGO, Oklahoma (KTEN) -  2021 was disappointing record wise for Tishomingo going 1-9 but players and coaches feel they laid the groundwork to improve right now.

"What I saw was amazing this summer," said Tishomingo head coach Scott O'Hara. "Our worst day of summer pride was still our best day last summer. We had 23 kids that came to summer pride last year, that was our best day of kids showing up, we had 26 as our lowest day (this year). So I believe the overall confidence level is up from where we were last year."

The Indians only had two seniors on the roster last year so experience is going be a point of emphasis for them and it will start up front with their offensive line which returns every starter.

"I played all four years, I've played since I was in third grade but I think it helps," said senior left guard Jimmy Priddy. "I think it helps, you know what's gonna come after you. Freshman year, you don't know what's coming but now that you've played a year or two you're good to go."

The Indians have senior Kegan Lafevers under center again as well, who has formed a unique relationship with second year head coach Scott O'Hara.

"With his system, I feel much better," said Lafevers. "I didn't play when he wasn't here and then he came and brought me in and he's left handed, I'm left handed. He really took me under his wing and turned me into a decent quarterback."