MARIETTA, Okla. (KTEN) - To join a football program is asking a lot from a kid in high school and Marietta head coach Alex Doby is very aware of that. It's taken time and patience to get him and his team on the same page, but the tables are finally starting to turn.

"It's all about stability. The kids I mean even in the second year with the turnover that has taken place here they were waiting and waiting for maybe the other shoe to drop," said Doby. "It's starting to turn where they trust my heart and everything that we're wanting to get done here through the coaches is for their benefit."

"He's really patient. He's hard on guys, but he's also understandable. He knows when to be right and he knows when people are wrong and he's really adjustable too," said senior safety Aldo Salazar.

With that trust between Coach Doby and the players now there, the commitment is starting to take place.

"I've learned that it's not given. It's something we have to earn," said senior cornerback Juan Lopez. "We had some guys that didn't really want it, but we turned around this year had some guys commit this summer. I think that this year we'll have a better chance than last year."

The team didn't win any games last year, but will have some experience to hopefully help out in that area this season.

"Our starting 11 that we're going to put on the field are going to be pretty special. We're talking 150 percent growth through any analytics that we're using, speed and strength and agility," said Doby.

"Everything that we've been preaching, they're starting to reap the rewards and see the benefits of it. We just have to have it translate to the scoreboard now on the football field."