ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — An Ada woman told a court Tuesday that years of abuse prompted her to have her husband killed in March 2021.

Kristie Evans accepted full responsibility for her role in the shooting death of David Evans, who had been pastor at Harmony Free Will Baptist Church. She claimed 30 years of domestic, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse led her to ask Kahlil Square to pull the trigger.

Evans said Square was one of approximately 50 to 100 men her husband arranged for them to have sexual encounters with. 

She stated that she consented to those encounters to make David happy and less aggressive but did not enjoy them. 

“In the last five years where he pretty much farmed her out for men to have sex with her sometimes multiple at a time,” Defense Attorney Joi Miskel said. “They humiliated her, degraded her. She felt like she couldn't get out of the situation and had her children to think of. He had threatened to kill one of the children.”

Evans' daughter, Britney Long, testified Tuesday and stated, “I think my mom served her time; 30 years with my dad,” Long said.  

Kristie’s father told the court about multiple instances where David Evans reacted with aggression or violence, “He (David Evans) was a monster.”

Kristie Evans entered a guilty plea in April. Her first-degree murder sentencing hearing continues on Wednesday morning.

“I believe the state will be asking for life without the possibility of parole which is one option,” Miskel said. “We are going to be requesting a split sentence which is some time in prison and the rest of life on probation.” 

Square's next hearing for his first-degree murder charge is scheduled for August 25.