DURANT, Okla. (KTEN) — There are a number of proposals to expand Durant Regional Airport, also known as Eaker Field.

In the near future, the airport wants to offer additional space for more aircraft to accommodate Durant's rapid growth.

Additionally, the aviation program at Southeastern Oklahoma State University creates more reasons for expansion.

"We got concerts going on in this community, and more businesses coming to Durant," said airport director John Wyatt. "There is just a big economic boost happening here in this city; we are trying to accommodate all the traffic that we are getting."

Parking spots for additional aircraft are in the works, and there are a growing number of students interested in aviation.

"The way that we service students through aviation, the way we service our community with aviation, our partnership with Eaker Field is very, very important to us," said Southeastern Oklahoma State University President Thomas Newsom. "So the idea that we can grow and expand the operations here is just something that is very exciting for Durant and Bryan County."

The continuous economic growth is creating exciting opportunities. 

"Everyone is seeing the changes," Wyatt said. "You have aircraft in the air and it's no longer this little 172 flying around, you know, once a day. They see big aircraft — G4s flying around — and all of a sudden three or four more come in, and they go, 'What's going on in Durant?!'"