(KTEN) — Smaller school districts around Texoma are scheduled to begin a new program for faculty members to carry a firearm on campus to protect students.

While schools in larger cities often have their own police departments, many smaller communities can't support the same level of school security.

"Whitesboro ISD does have a Whitesboro Police Department in the city of Whitesboro, but a five-minute response time would be amazing for them to be able to get from where they are into the building and stop a shooter," said Whitesboro Superintendent Ryan Harper. "A lot can happen in five minutes as we know, so that's why Whitesboro made this decision; seconds is what we are looking at here, not minutes."

The Denison Independent School District, meanwhile, has more access for police officers to be inside school buildings, which allows them to keep their protocols the same.

"We work very closely with the Denison Police Department as well as with our fire department," said DISD Assistant Superintendent Dr. Andrew Gilbert. "We have the standard response protocols, which is commonly adopted across the state, so that all our campuses are trained to respond to any emergency situation."

With the deadly school gun massacre in Uvalde, Texas, fresh in the minds of administrators, there is growing support for training qualified staff members to carry guns inside schools. 

"It will protect the students better and give them another line of defense," said local resident Drex Day. 

Some schools want to be able to respond at any given moment and not have to wait for help to arrive in order to protect themselves in a state that has very few remaining restrictions on who can have a deadly weapon and what kind of a weapon they can carry.