SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — The Sherman Independent School District is adding a chief financial officer to the front office who can ensure that taxpayer funds are well spent.

"We wanted to focus on having someone that was overseeing 24/7 on the public school finances and the finances of Sherman ISD," said Superintendent Dr. Tyson Bennett.

Bennett said Mandi Lewis was the district's obvious choice. She has experience in public school finance and a history with the district. 

"I officially accepted this position last Monday," Lewis said. "I've been with the district already for almost 14 years in another role as the director of finance, so, I have kind of been familiar with the financial areas of Sherman ISD for several years now."

Lewis will oversee the district's budget, payroll, and accounting.

"I will look over those areas more at an administrative level... make sure all those areas continue to work positively and at the most efficiently that they can for the district and for our employees," Lewis said.

As the school's new CFO, she has many plans to help secure the district's future.

"Maintain financial transparency, so that our stakeholders feel like they have a view and know what's going on with the financials with the school district," Lewis explained. "I think that transparency makes us more approachable."