DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — It was once a place for City Council. It may soon be a place for the city's children.

That's what one homeschool association hopes to achieve with Denison's old City Hall building.

The Texoma Homeschool Association thinks the structure is a perfect fit for their co-op.

"So when we started to look for a different space, I just happened to find the City Hall, and honestly, it's as if it was set up for this purpose," said THA founder Katie Radcliffe.

The co-op meets once a week for enrichment classes for homeschooled children. Activities include physical education, which many homeschooled kids do not get to experience. The THA co-op also provides a social environment that many students lack outside of traditional schools.

With 30 families signed up for the program and more than 90 students, Radcliffe says their current rented space at First Baptist Church just doesn't cut it.

"We're really excited about the growth, and really that's what's prompting this: We don't have space," Radcliffe said.

THA has established a crowdfunding campaign to reach its goal of $50,000.

Adding academic classes will also bring in more revenue to keep the building functioning. Right now, parents pay $80 per child for a 12-week semester.

"The kids are going to come; there will be a paid teacher; they will learn their academic courses," Radcliffe said. "The other three days a week, they will do the remainder of the work that they're not doing, actually in class at home." 

If their crowdfunding campaign proves successful, they want to move into City Hall in September when the fall semester begins.