DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Texoma Aero Club is celebrating four years in service as the area's only flying club.

"We haven't had a chance to have an open house since COVID hit, and this is our first outing to gather the aviation community in the North Texas area, in the Texoma area," said Aero Club president Michael McLendon. "We invited everybody who could come to fly in or drive in."

The Texoma Aero Club is for anyone in North Central Texas who has a passion to navigate the skies. The club consists of high time pilots or low time pilots, student pilots, and people who enjoy all things aviation. 

"Two aircraft that you see behind us here, were our two original aircraft in the club," McLendon said,. Hopefully we will add more members to the club. It's a flying club; it's not a club for rental aircraft. It's a club, bringing everyone together in the aviation community."

And because there's a need for more pilots, the club is hoping to introduce more people to the opportunities in aviation. 

"We have certified instructors associated with the club, and they're able to train as you're ready to train, we're trying to meet that need," McLendon said. "If someone now wants to start a new hobby, or let's say a teenager 16 or 17 years old, this is a good start for them. and if they want to go on to flight school, then they can do that."