(KTEN) — Gov. Kevin Stitt signed an executive order on Thursday that directs the state to implement what he's calling "Mission S.O.S. — Secure Oklahoma Schools."

Stitt said in the days after after the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas that left children and two teachers dead, he directed his administration to review Oklahoma school procedures and safety measures.

Mission S.O.S. is a seven-step plan requiring law enforcement to receive the most recent active shooting training and for schools to implement a Rave Panic Button app by September 1.

The plan also gives teachers an opportunity to take threat assessment training and for schools to have access to a risk and vulnerability assessment.

"Although no law can eradicate the evil that inevitably exists in this world, recent events have shown a lack of evolving preparation can have disastrous effects," Stitt said in his order.

The Republican governor said he met with the Department of Public Safety, school administrators and local law enforcement to draft these plans, which do not include any consideration of people who might be considered potential threats  to campuses or the weapons they may wield. 

Stitt added that his executive order is a practical measure that will help keep students and teachers safe.

He plans on using funds from the American Rescue Plan to invest in school security across the state.